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Uptown Express
A tribute to the American Bandstand era, featuring the best of group harmony,backed with a live band

The most dynamic stage show performing in Southwest Florida,the Express will take you on a trip back to that golden era of American Bandstand,days of cheap gas,tailfins,jukeboxes,loud mufflers,and All - American Rock & Roll!
One of the very few groups performing today to continue having all LIVE musicians on stage.
**Because you and your memories deserve the very best in entertainment**


It has come to our attention that there is a group from Florida's east coast that has been using our name... a name that we have been using for 32 continuous years,and is a legally registered trademark of our corporation. We have built a great following on and think that is a very sad thing to see others cashing in on our years of hard work. They are not a doowop /1950's group,but specialize in more modern songs in the reggae and merangae style.Sorry for any confusion.Please contact us to authenticate a performance.We have received many emails from fans that were disappointed to attend a performance thinking that the real Uptown express they would see onstage.It would also be wise to contact any venue to verify which Uptown Express will be performing before committing to reservations. www.uptown expressfla.com


      1985 - TODAY
They've been there,done that,and are still doin' that!
9 guys from New York that started in the 50's,and never stopped! 
Established in 1985,UPTOWN EXPRESS is not only Southwest Florida's premier golden era tribute group,but the oldest continuously performing act of this style in the state.
Ever exciting,UPTOWN EXPRESS is a 9 piece self-contained show featuring 5 vocalists up front to provide the heavenly harmonies of the fabulous American Bandstand era.
Combine these vocals with a powerhouse live band of muli instrumentalists that authentically recreate the driving dance rhythms that made the music of the era so memorable,and dear to our hearts.You won't be able to stay in your seat for long.
You will never hear pre-recorded karaoke style backing tracks at an UPTOWN performance.We believe that nothing can ever equal the dynamics of a live band of experienced,talented musicians providing a background for our vocalists.
Never willng to compromise on the quality of their performances,Uptown Express may very well be the only group of this era to stil feature live musicians.
Our members are honored to have have performed with,been part of,recorded with,and shared the stage with many of the top groups that made the golden era of Rock & Roll so memorable. 


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Why take the "local",when you can ride the Express?


       The Brooklyn Paramount Theater
                                                      Alan Freed
Rockin & Rollin' in Brooklyn